Girlboss made me up my Poshmark game

I’m sure by now all of you have seen the first season of “Girlboss” on Netflix. If you haven’t it is a loose retelling of the creator of, Sophia Amoruso’s, success story. It’s a wonderful show having elements of humor while also being very real and showing Sophia’s struggle, from her hernia to being dead broke and unable to keep a job. In the show Sophia finds a very expensive, vintage motorcycle jacket at a thrift store. She originally just buys the jacket for herself, but soon needs money for her rent, fast. She flips the jacket on ebay and that’s when it all clicks. All she has to do is hunt down thrift store finds and sell them on ebay for more money. It all sounds easy but she of course runs into trouble, including getting kicked off ebay. She starts her own site, nastygalvintage which eventually becomes and inspires all of us to sell our clothes too.

Like many of us, I have a closet full of clothes that don’t fit or shoes I never wear just taking up space. Sites like Poshmark appeal to people like us, fashion hoarders, so that we may sell our clothes to buy more. Before watching “Girlboss”, I wasn’t very successful with Poshmark. I had sold maybe one thing and had a total of like five items listed. After watching “Girlboss” though, I felt inspired. I immediately went through my closet posting everything from barely worn expensive sandals to earring cuffs I bought from who knows where. I thought this would be my big break too. Unfortunately, I have since only sold two items, making a whopping totally of three sales on Poshmark. So verdicts out I’m no Sophia, but at least I don’t have a hernia!

love B


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