Samantha Jones, I love you

I always thought I was a Charlotte until I re-watched every season of those four girls. That was when it dawned on me that I’m a total Samantha. I used to look at Samantha as wild and out of her mind, but I know realize she’s the most confident of all those women and an excellent role model. Although Miranda, Carrie, and Charlotte are also very successful, Samantha runs her own PR firm and does so flawlessly while still having an insane sex life. She is public about it and takes pride in her scandalous reputation, wearing it well. She brings bedroom talk to the brunch table, over sharing way too much, but still has class.

Samantha never lets life or any giphy1man screw her over. From experimenting with Maria, to being cheated on by that bastard Richard she still kept it together. She is an excellent role model for women, encouraging them to defy societal norms and be open about sex. She never lets a man run her life and if anything, she runs their lives. Her open-mindedness allows the show to discuss controversial topics such as sex toys, masturbation, lesbianism, STDs, and abortion. This is a big feat for women when society is making female sex lives so hush-hush. Samantha challenges the argument that only men can have multiple partners and engage in a lot of sex. She also takes hate like nobody else, never letting it tarnish her image and let’s face it, she handled cancer like a boss! As Samantha once said “if I worried what every bitch in New York was saying about me, I’d never leave the house.”

While you can argue that the other women of “Sex and the City” may be better role models, nobody does it quite like Samangiphytha. Carrie always puts men before her friends, career, and herself. Charlotte lacks confidence and places too high of an importance on gender roles. And Miranda doesn’t have a positive bone in her body. As a “try-sexual”, fifty some year old successful business woman, Samantha is killing it. Samantha Jones, you’re one true badass.

love B

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