An Ode to Ugly Sandals

Whether it be Birkenstocks, Chacos, or Tevas, my ugly sandals are always there for me. They strap perfectly to your feet providing you much more reliability than a flip flop or any boyfriend I’ve ever had. They’ve survived frat houses, music festivals, especially that Blink-182 mosh pit, hiking, biking, and even your Saturday trips to trader joes (also a mosh pit). Besides the fact that they may give you an awful foot tan, which you almost can’t help but take pride in, they’ve never done you wrong (once again, better than a boyfriend). I mean they were there for you when a flip flop would’ve broken or when any other sandal would’ve killed your feet. And they even work fantastically in the fall with your ugliest pair of socks. So embrace your ugly sandals because yes you can wear those to Sunday brunch!

love B

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