Week 1 thoughts|Cape Town

  • Most welcoming people you’ll ever meet
  • We have no clue how lucky we are and how much opportunity the States give us
  • Be present, don’t just watch but emerge yourself
  • Africans are just as interested in our culture and getting to know us as we are them… forget all you think you know that other countries think about us. Ask them questions, tell them about yourself. It is equally as exciting for them as it is for us.P1020091
  • Paradise….
  • Segregation is real, racism is real, corruption is real
  • We take everything for granted. Having a house is a privilege, having electricity is a privilege, having water is a privilege
  • Stop wasting water dude, like in just four days, I’ve learned so many easy ways to conserve water. Flushing a toilet isn’t necessary!! Just collect shower water or dish water in buckets and dump the buckets down the toilet.
  • Not having drinkable water is not o.k.Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 9.34.33 PM
  • We ran out of bottled water in the house and the was the first time in my life I’ve ever felt like I did not have water. People live every day wondering if they’re suddenly going to run out of water.
  • Africa DOES NOT want your pity

Love B

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