Week 2 and University|Cape Town

Cape Town is absolutely beautiful. I love everything about it! The beach, hiking, and the night life. But school on the other hand, not my favorite.

This is a new thing for me. Yes, sometimes going to class is annoying but overall, I generally like classes. As a writing major, the majority of my classes are discussion based so it’s a nice intimate environment. University of the Western Cape is huge compared to University of Tampa. I’ve gotten lost so many times and still don’t know where everything is. The campus is extra confusing too because it’s two stories. And I don’t mean two story buildings, I mean the whole campus, like how is the ground two stories?! I have found myself ending up in tunnels or being above where I need to be and no way to get down. I’d like to have a word with the person who built this place.

Classes are also weird to me. I sit in huge lecture halls for only one hour and the teacher talks the whole time. Even in my literature classes which you think would require discussion. So, I sit amongst several local students while the professor talks and clicks through slides. I’m not saying it’s horrible, I’m just saying it’s different.

Otherwise than that, I’ve found myself being more and more comfortable on campus. I’m no longer seeking shelter in the library or searching for a hiding place. As a relatively outgoing and confident person, I can only imagine how hard this would be for a shy person.


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