So Long Cape Town


As I drink my last legal drink, a vodka and tonic since they were out of gin, in the Charles De Gaulle airport, I can’t help but miss the friendly Cape Townians. Moving my flight up from the 29th, to the 17th was unexpected but necessary. My mental health is declining and times like these I want to be surrounded by my loved ones. As much as I will miss the rainbow city and the slow paced, no rush lifestyle, coming home will be a warm welcome. Literally and figuratively

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, South Africans are the friendliest people you will ever meet. Many of which, live much harder lives than us privileged, but are still significantly nicer and happier. What’s their secret?!

It took me five months to learn which way to look and which way to walk in Cape Town. Just in time to forget it all! I’m so accustomed to left hand cars and looking the opposite way before crossing the street. Similarly, they also walk on the left instead of the right. I’ve already found several people in the airport angered by my confusion. Once again, nobody is as nice and South Africans.

So, dare I say, farewell South Africa. You’ve been an amazing 5 months and I will never forget this experience. Hectic that I’m leaving already ehh? It was a lekker trip! (SA slang)

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